A brief and uninformed note on the apparent coup in Egypt


Tahrir Square, again


I’ve been out and about all day today, without easy access to my usual news sources and, frankly, with my mind on other things.  I haven’t had much access to news, nor much time for it.  And my head is about to crash into my computer from sheer jet lag.


But, from what I’ve heard thus far, and despite my general dislike for military coups, I think the news from Egypt is, on the whole, very positive, and that it’s a major blow to extremist political Islamism.  (I like fascist dictatorships even less than I like military coups.)  I’ve heard references to a joint press conference, or something of that sort, in which the Grand Shaykh of al-Azhar, the venerable Islamic university (older, even, than Oxford and Cambridge!), and the leader of Egypt’s Coptic Christian minority, Pope Tawadros II, expressed their vocal support for the apparent coup.  If this is true, I’m more than pleased.


I love Egypt, and I love the Egyptian people.  I wish them the very best.  Seeing Tahrir Square during the “Arab Spring,” and now again, is very nostalgic for my wife and for me.  Much of our life revolved around Tahrir Square for the first four years of our marriage.  Egypt needs and deserves far more than Mubarak and Morsi have given it.


Posted from Oxford, England



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