Another stunning success in the battle to lift minorities and the poor


Actually, this ISN’T Detroit after more than five decades of unopposed liberal Democratic management. It’s Dresden, in the aftermath of the February 1945 Allied firebombing. But it will serve.

I posted an entry yesterday in which I wrote about, among other things, the catastrophe that is Detroit.


Here are a couple of other items well worth looking at regarding the destruction of Detroit and its implications for the rest of us Americanos:


1.  This one is short and pretty funny, if any humor can actually be found in the demolition of a major modern Amercan city.  You’ll find it particularly amusing if you’re familiar with the “Pure Michigan” ad campaign.  But you don’t need to know those ads in order to appreciate this little spoof.


2.  This one is longer (though less, as I recall, than fifteen minutes), and more serious.  It goes into the specific policies — big surprise! they’re liberal! — that ruined Detroit.  America, behold thy future!



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