The first volume of the BYU New Testament commentary is now available!

Greek New Testament

  Exciting news! The long-awaited BYU New Testament commentary is beginning to appear:   … [Read more...]

Teaching the Book of Helaman


  I had the privilege this morning to teach a two-hour inservice lesson on the book of Helaman to roughly sixty seminary teachers.  (Then, afterwards, some of us continued to talk for another two hours or so.) It was great fun.  For me, at least. I was delighted when the organizer of the event told me that the subject was to be the book of Helaman, because there are so many interesting things in Helaman that I enjoy discussing. But t … [Read more...]

Online ticket sales for the upcoming FAIR conference end this Sunday, so hurry!

The Utah Valley Convention Center in Provo

  This is going to be a great conference: But walk-in tickets will be a bit more expensive than tickets purchased online, so, if you plan on attending, you would be well advised to buy them sooner rather than later. Of course, if, for some bizarre reason (other than serious illness or deployment in Afghanistan or service on the international space station or … [Read more...]

On the Radio This Afternoon

Edward R. Murrow pretending to be me

  For what it's worth, I'll be on K-TALK Radio (KTKK, AM 630) this afternoon to discuss the upcoming FAIR conference and general issues regarding Mormon apologetics. I'll be on from 4 PM to 5 PM, and possibly until 6 PM.  For at least the first hour of the broadcast, I'll be on with my friend Don Bradley; he will have been on for the previous hour, from 3 PM to 4 PM, on his own.  I'll be calling in by telephone; he'll be in studio.  The host is Mills Cr … [Read more...]

“Faith and family depend upon each other”

Mary Eberstadt, speaking in Denver earlier this year

  This week's Thursday Peterson column in the Deseret News:   … [Read more...]

“To Them of the Last Wagon”

"We came here willingly," reflected one early Mormon leader, "because we had to."

  On this day, when the State of Utah (and Mormon communities and congregations elsewhere) celebrate the entry of the first pioneer companies into the Valley of the Great Salt Lake, it might be appropriate to listen to these eloquent remarks -- delivered in 1947, the centennial of that event, by J. Reuben Clark Jr., first counselor in the First Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day … [Read more...]

Another stunning success in the battle to lift minorities and the poor

Actually, this ISN'T Detroit after more than five decades of unopposed liberal Democratic management.  It's Dresden, in the aftermath of the February 1945 Allied firebombing.  But it will serve.

 I posted an entry yesterday in which I wrote about, among other things, the catastrophe that is Detroit. Here are a couple of other items well worth looking at regarding the destruction of Detroit and its implications for the rest of us Americanos: 1.  This one is short and pretty funny, if any humor can actually be found in the demolition of a major modern Amercan city.  You'll find it particularly amusing if you're familiar with the "Pure Michigan" ad c … [Read more...]

Another Response to the Recent “New York Times” Article

Near the family property

   The estimable Jack Welch suggests some helpful resources from BYU Studies for the questions raised by the New York Times account: These can go along with the links supplied yesterday by The Interpreter … [Read more...]