Pre-Spanish Horse Bones in California?


Linguistic complexity among California Indians — and now, perhaps, a new historical question


An interesting account.  I would enjoy hearing more about this find, which may or may not prove significant:



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  • Lucy Mcgee

    It would be more interesting to find 2000+ year old horse bones in Mesoamerica and younger than the Pleistocene or Ice Age extinction event.

    • DanielPeterson

      Well, this isn’t that find. Still, if it turns out to be what it seems, it will be significant.

      And there have been various other claimed discoveries of horse bones just such as you ask for.

      Shall we fill the font?

  • brotheroflogan

    Since this was well after Columbus, couldn’t it be theorized that some other explorer left a horse and or burro in the vicinity? I mean, this was about 1700 while Columbus was 1492. I don’t know the history, but weren’t there other explorers visiting the americas between 1492 and 1700? That’s 200 years.

    • DanielPeterson

      Yes. This isn’t ironclad proof of Precolumbian horses, by any means. But it could conceivably be useful as a small part of a cumulative case.