Taking a Stand for the Freedom of Religion and Conscience


Runnymede, just south of London


I’m very proud of the fact that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has joined with a number of other religious denominations to oppose the birth control mandate included in Obamacare:




I support this 110%.  The state must not be permitted to encroach upon freedom of conscience.


We drove through Runnymede two or three days ago.  No time for a stop there on this occasion, but I did perform a pilgrimage many years ago.  It’s the place where, in 1215 AD, the English barons forced King John to agree to Magna Carta.  It was an imperfect baby step, but a crucial one, to limiting the power of government.  I oppose taking steps backward.


Posted from London, England.



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  • Steven Glover

    Agreed, good people of conscious must remain constant until the end of the conflict. God will sort out the right from the wrong and His decision will not be
    based on numbers!