The Shadow War against Syria’s Christians


The Church of Sts. Joachim and Anna, in Yabroud, Syria


Here’s a story to which virtually nobody in the West is paying any attention:


It poses yet another challenge to Mr. Obama’s ineffectual Syrian policy:  He’s finally bestirred himself to give some aid to the rebels against the Assad regime, but his long dithering has allowed the government, in the interim, to turn back many of the rebels’ gains and has permitted foreign Islamists to assume a much larger role among the resistance, thus fundamentally changing its character.


Now, the question is, Will the United States be arming Islamic extremists and supporting the still-further spread of their ideology and power?  And very specifically, in the light of the events described in this article, will America now be subsidizing and arming those who oppress and butcher Arab Christians?


Christianity is under siege in much of the Middle East, its original home.  The Morsi regime in Egypt, for example, has been decidedly unfriendly toward that country’s ancient Christian community:


American Christians know little about these matters, and those who know don’t seem to care.  But such oppression ought to be of concern not only to the once-Christian West, but also to all Muslims who care about their faith’s tradition of tolerance and to everybody else to whom justice and liberty matter.


Posted from Atlanta, Georgia