A report from BYU Ed Week


No lecture touching on cosmology in any way would be truly complete without some sort of reference to Albert Einstein.


For BYU Education Week, I spoke this morning on the Strong Anthropic Principle as an indicator of Mind, Logos, or God in and through the Big Bang.  It went reasonably well, I think.


Afterwards, Jeff Bradshaw and I took some of The Interpreter Foundation’s young student volunteers out to lunch.


Tomorrow, my principal focus will be on veridical out-of-body experiences, which I find quite interesting.



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  • brotheroflogan

    Hope to hear or read your presentation sometime. I am also very interested in near death or other, similar, experiences.

    • mike

      You should talk to a hospice worker some time. My wife works in a hospice facility and constantly watches people die. She and her fellow workers (none of whom are LDS) often comment on the ‘visioning’ that occurs frequently when someone is about to pass on.