“How was Eve an ‘help meet’ for Adam?”


Adam and his helpersuitable
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  • Ben S

    Nice. Hopefully we can get his message up and down the ladder. I note the new temple film still more or less slurs it together as “a help-meet for-him” instead of “a-help, meet-for-him.” Perhaps we can get to work on the next bit being passed around, http://www.patheos.com/blogs/faithpromotingrumor/2007/08/playing-fast-and-loose/

  • Doug Ealy

    Literally — that was a great article! :)

    On a more serious note, it would be good for men to understand that in a leadership situation most revelation comes from the bottom up (figuratively speaking of course :) ). That many times revelation is scattered among us and this is true in families as well. The key is that the one who has responsibility must be in tune so they can recognize when inspiration comes through someone else (usually a sister). A husband who dominates is unable to recognize revelation when it occurs.

    • Chris365

      ” most revelation comes from the bottom up”

      A good example of this is 3rd Nephi where the Savior teaches the children directly some things that were never revealed before and the children reveal it to the “higher” earthly authorities in a sense. It kind of turns the nice and neat revelatory org chart on its head that we sometimes construct for ourselves (in order to avoid the more uncomfortable question of revelation authority). But the children in this case taught truths so sacred and unprecedented they could not even be written down. Presumably because God desires the privilege to decide where, when and to whom they are revealed.

      • Doug Ealy

        Thank you for the insight from 3rd Nephi.

        “It kind of turns the nice and neat revelatory org chart on its head that we sometimes construct for ourselves…”

        I think there is a pattern in how the Lord reveals things and that is what is most important to me. For me, the pattern is that the Lord will reveal his will to those who are most familiar with a situation and he expects them to bring it up to the presiding authority if necessary. Most of us do not have visibility into the Church as a whole therefore we cannot receive inspiration for the entire Church. But I can bring up to the Bishop things that relate to my calling. The important thing is that it is up to the person who has the authority to preside to determine the source of the inspiration. This leaves us free to acquire revelation for our own lives and our callings in the Church without having to consult our Bishop. We may need to bring things up to the Bishop because of a prompting, but that is why we have councils.

  • Doug Ealy

    Bad news the OED has included an additional definition for “literally” (HINT: you won’t like it): http://blog.oxforddictionaries.com/2013/08/literally/