The World Table Launches for the Public Tomorrow


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People who prefer to remain anonymous will still have their message boards, as will those who thrive on personal conflict, insults, and viciousness.  For those who’ve been craving honest, civil, substantive conversation, though, something really good is about to debut.




The time has come. The World Table is set to launch to the public tomorrow, September 27th, 2013. We are contacting you because you have requested news and information about development and because we want you to be among the first members of The World Table.


Thanks in advance and we know you are going to enjoy making new connections and engaging in meaningful conversations! As early users who have expressed interest in what we are trying to do, we hope you will take the opportunity to sign up today and begin using The World Table.



STEP 1: Watch the Video

Visit and watch the “How it Works” video.



STEP 2: Create Your Profile:

Follow the “Sign Up” link in the bar at the top of the page. From there, you will be taken through a 3-step sign-up process.


1) Tell us who you are (name and location).

2) Tell us what you are about (your ideals and political persuasion).

3) Pledge to follow the Way of Openness.


Once you’ve confirmed your account by clicking the link in the confirmation email and have signed in to the site you are ready to begin. (


STEP 3: Begin!


At MY TABLE, you can: 


1) Add to your profile (add a picture, and write your personal statement).

2) IMPORT external content to the WORLD TABLE from around the web.

3) RATE the behavior of your favorite (or least favorite!) “celebrities” from the external content you post.

4) Start discussions and ask other members questions.


At THE WORLD TABLE, you can:


1) See what others are talking about and join in the discussion.

2) Start a conversation with someone new.

3) Rate other members’ behavior on The World Table.






We need you to populate the site with your comments, questions, discussions, and with articles you find interesting. The power of The World Table rests in the strength and vitality of the community it supports. We have to start somewhere, as they say…the more the merrier!


The second critical role early users will play is to help us iron out our wrinkles by reporting bugs and other issues encountered while using the site. Building The World Table has been a massive undertaking and we will be working to constantly improve the user experience for years to come. We would ask that you not report bugs on the forum itself, and instead please report any problems you experience by sending an email that briefly explains the problem you are experiencing to or by using the FEEDBACK link in the site’s footer.




The World Table goes live on September 27th, 2013. It’s time to get the word out to your friends, family members, and colleagues. So feel free to share The World Table in any way you can.


Again, thanks in advance and enjoy! Feel free to send any questions or comments our way.



- The World Table Team

Come take a seat.




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  • kgbudge

    Dan, have you registered at The World Table yet? I searched for your surname but found no hits.

    • DanielPeterson

      LOL. No, not yet. I’ve been busy putting out various fires today.

      But I’m headed over right now to do it.

      • DanielPeterson