At last, an employment agency for stupid people



Most of the time, though, they don’t.
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“Some people are born thick,” William Shakespeare almost said in Thirteenth Night (II.v), “some achieve thickness, and some have thickness thrust upon them.”


I’ve encountered more than my share of such folks, so, feeling well positioned to do this, I would like to call their attention to an agency that can connect them with good jobs in this difficult economy:



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  • Randy

    Isn’t this kind of like making fun of someone with autism or any other disability. We’re so wonderful; we were born smart.

    • DanielPeterson

      Not really.

      I don’t make fun of people who are born with congenital handicaps.

      But I do tend to make fun of people who choose to be stupid.

      Don’t get too hypersensitive. You’ll wipe out most of the world’s humor, and that won’t actually make the world a better place.