I finally weigh in (sort of) on the matter of Miley Cyrus.


Miley Cyrus, at the recent MTV awards program


Okay.  The chatter seems (mercifully) to have subsided somewhat.


But I still have a question:  Is there anybody out there who actually finds the image above attractive?



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  • EteU Spencer

    This is little more than a very immature young lady with no cares how she presents herself and very little morals.
    She got what she wanted-attention.

  • rockyrd

    Why even bring it up? And even with a picture? Yuk! Someone once said the greatest insult is to ignore.

    • DanielPeterson

      I don’t think that Miley is a regular reader of my blog. I doubt that my mentioning her here will go to her head.

  • janbe

    I’d be so proud to have my daughter act like that said no mother EVER! (Well, maybe her mother did.)

  • Ryan

    controversy = attention = money

  • http://kgbudge.com kgbudge

    She appears to have crib notes on her forearm. In case she forgets the lyrics?

    And that pleat in the skin of her chest makes me wonder if the entire girl is made out of flesh-colored plastic.