John Sorenson’s “Mormon’s Codex” is Out


I’m glad that this has finally, at long last, seen the light of day.


This book has been a long time coming, but it’s finally appeared:


It may take a while, I expect, before it shows up in bookstores.



The shiftless laziness of Joseph Smith and his family
The Joseph Smith Sr. family in Palmyra
An important voice, even where I quibble or outright disagree
Gay "marriage," the end of the First Amendment, and the centralization of State power?
  • brotheroflogan

    Awesome. I’m asking for it for Christmas. Will Interpreter do a review?

    • DanielPeterson

      “Interpreter” already has at least one reviewer lined up, and he already has the book.

  • One Old guy

    I pre-ordered from Desert Book and it came yesterday. What a great book so far.

  • ChssAddct

    And the Sorensonites went up to do battle against the Meldrumites. And the battle became exceedingly sore.

    • brotheroflogan

      Who’s Meldrum?