Paris and Orem and a Really Interesting Upcoming Conference


A chateau in the Loire Valley of France
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It’s with a mixture of pleasure and unhappiness that I call your attention to a conference, to be held on Thursday and Friday of this week at Utah Valley University, on “religious disagreement”:


Pleasure because it looks really, really interesting.  Unhappiness because I almost certainly won’t be able to attend it.


I have my own major lecture on Thursday night — which I selfishly hope that nobody will skip in order to attend a conference at UVU, be that conference ever so wonderful — and it seems that I’m going to have another obligation on Friday morning.  Moreover, on Friday afternoon, my wife and her friends return from France.  I may need to pick some of them up.  I certainly ought to be around.


Speaking of which, the fact that they will have been in France over the past nearly two weeks, while I’ve been teaching classes and otherwise staring at my computer, raises in a rather acute form the question of evil.  Why would God create a world, such that they get to go to Paris and the Loire Valley and Normandy while I’m indoors in Provo and Orem?


The Peterson home after recent repairs, with majestic Mount Timpanogos in the background



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  • Michael P.

    Am I correct to assume that the lovely photo of your home is what you were able to purchase after your earlier fundraising efforts?

    • hthalljr

      Hah! Yep, that looks like what that project would have raised!

      • DanielPeterson

        Don’t mock my Daniel Peterson Dream Home Fund. It’s already netted me three (3) dollars in donations, and, on that basis, I believe that I have an excellent chance of raising the remainder of the two to three million dollars required.