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A map of the heartlands of the Middle East
The Middle East is defined in various ways. Relatively rarely, some will include Pakistan and Afghanistan, further to the east. Commonly, the rest of North Africa (Arabic-speaking all the way westward to Morocco on the Atlantic) is included. But, significantly, India isn’t covered by this map, and it wouldn’t be included under either of the variations just discussed.


I don’t think I’ve seen the Miss America pageant since I used to watch it with my parents at home, and I wasn’t even aware that a new Miss America had just been crowned until this item came to my attention:




Having read it, I now frankly wonder what rock these ignorant morons live under.


Seriously.  Indians aren’t Arabs.


It’s hard not to remember the idiot who, seeking revenge in the immediate aftermath of the 9-11 attacks, shot and killed a Punjabi-American Sikh gas station owner in Mesa, Arizona — Sikhism is a quite different religion than Islam — and then apparently also tried to kill a Lebanese-American clerk (more likely a Christian than a Muslim, I’m guessing) a few minutes later.  “I am a patriot!’ he shouted during his arrest.  “I stand for America all the way!”  (See here for the sad story.)


Moreover, I presume that Nina Davaluri, the new Miss America, isn’t a Muslim.  (Most Indians and Indian-Americans aren’t.)


But what difference would it make if she were?


It’s one thing to oppose al-Qa‘ida and Hamas.  It’s quite a different thing to despise Islam and Muslims as a whole.  And it’s an entirely separate matter to hate Arabs (even the Christian ones!) in general.



"ISIS opens new front in Egypt"
His most famous line from the 1964 Republican convention in San Francisco
"The science of sleeping in, and why you probably shouldn't"
New Testament 195
  • andrew2001

    I must admit, I found the sheer ignorance of people calling her a “Muslim terrorist” amusing because I mean, nothing screams “Ultra Conservative/Orthodox Muslim” like a woman in a bikini wearing event

  • Doug Ealy

    Pretty good argument for overhauling our school systems…

    • DanielPeterson

      Yes indeed.

  • dangerdad

    The mistake here is paying any attention to anonymous comments (yes, I realize the irony). With twitter you certainly have people saying things that are untrue or hateful just to provoke a response. The assumption that people are posting what they actually think is unfounded.

  • RaymondSwenson

    Indians are descendants of the Indo-Europeans who expanded from SW Asia into Persia, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India, and into Lithuania, Italy and rest of Europe, with common language roots. They are largely distinct in language and ancestry from Semitic peoples. While there has been blending of peoples over time, much of that took pace in Spain and Portugal, which were part of Islamic culture for centuries. Some 20% of males in Iberia carry the Cohen gene on their Y chromosome associated with descent from the Israelite tribe of Levi, and no doubt if a similar marker could be identified for North African descendants it would also be significant.

    Because Ferdinand and Isabella demanded that Jews convert to Christianity or leave Spain, and because of the Inquisition, a disproportionate number of Conversos volunteered to emigrate to the newly discovered Americas. If you find the Cohen gene in Latin America, it would be hard to distinguish whether it came from Iberia or was already present in Native American populations.

    The peoples of the world are marvelously mixed up, more than the current national boundaries recognize. The essence of being American is living in a worldwide gene pool that draws from every continent and inhabited island where mankind has spread. Racial classifications are ephemera, and treating them as real and fixed, as government and diversity programs tend to do, is to deny reality.

  • RaymondSwenson

    Note that while there is clearly prejudice against Muslims and Arabs, they are NOT categorized as minority groups in various Affirmative Action programs. Another r reason AA is baloney.