The new academic year is about to commence



Knowledge is light.


The new BYU academic year begins tomorrow.  I’m teaching an independent readings course in Arabic, a class on the Qur’an in English translation, and an “Introduction to Islam” course, and, with my friend and colleague Jim Toronto, I’m team-teaching a class on the humanities of Islam.  (My emphasis in the course will be on history and literature.)


There’s always optimism at the beginning of a new year.  Thus far, I haven’t blown it!



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  • David Waltz

    Sounds like a couple of great courses. Given the genre of the is post, I think you might find the following of interest:

  • Doug Ealy

    As some one who is working to learn Arabic and to understand Islam better, I wish that I could join the class.

  • Alan

    Man, I hate to stroke your ego but I wish I could come back and take another class or two from you and/or (mostly and) Bill Hamblin.