“These are the most generous cities in the U.S.”


This is one of them. Can you identify it?


Cue drum roll, begin countdown:




My thanks to Tyler Moulton for bringing this to my attention.



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  • mike

    I’m surprised Wilmington, Delaware didn’t make the cut. Perhaps Joe Biden’s charitable donations of between .1% and .3% of his income over the last decade brought down the average.

    • DanielPeterson

      Over the years, I’ve been darkly amused to see the minuscule amounts that many liberal politicians give to charity.

      But, while I’m at it, I myself am feeling exceptionally generous today. I think I’ll steal some of my neighbor’s money and give it to the poor, so that everyone can praise my philanthropy.

  • Crixus

    “Generous” in the context of this study has a very unconventional meaning when it includes mostly the time (service projects) and money (tithing) people feel obligated to give in order to maintain their elite status in the eyes of God and his “one true Church.” Most of this “charity” is just recirculated back into the Mormon community anyway.