Thoughts on Adversity


“Honest Trees of Winter,” by Melissa Hatfield
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A couple of passages that impressed me from Dale Black, Flight to Heaven (Minneapolis: Bethany House, 2010), which I read a few months ago:


“Someone once said, I forget who, ‘In October, when the leaves fall, you can see deeper into the forest.’  It’s true.  So much foliage had fallen from my branching ambitions, and as a result, I could see deeper into the forest that was my life.”  (78)


‘Trees need the winter.  I never knew that before.  They need time to strengthen for the growth they experience in springtime.  All that green, pulpy growth has to harden, or the tree would not be able to withstand the seasonal winds that whip against it.”  (78-79)



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  • Ray Agostini

    “God’s opportunity is man’s extermity.”
    - Jeffrey R. Holland. (“For Times of Trouble: Spiritual Solace from the Psalms”) Or, to quote Shakespeare, “sweet are the uses of adversity.” Elder Holland expresses it as “the borderlands of Gethsemane”. From the greatest to the least, no one is spared adversity, otherwise known as “the refiner’s fire”.

  • Doug Ealy

    I like the quotes. Did you like the book?

    • DanielPeterson

      I thought the book was okay. Not great, but interesting.

      • Doug Ealy

        Ok. Thanks. I am always on the lookout for a good book.