“Who kills more, religion or atheism?”


Just renounce God, and the world will look like this.
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In this short article, Brian Dunning, apparently an agnostic (sadly, a former Mormon), declines to crow over the superior humaneness of atheism.


As a matter of fact, in my judgment, he lets atheists off the hook a bit more than is warranted, and insinuates that some conflicts were religious that very arguably weren’t.


But let’s overlook that.


The article is useful because, unlike some of his fellow skeptics, Mr. Dunning is unwilling to claim that, in the words of the late Christopher Hitchens, religion “poisons everything” — and that, if we just got rid of faith, we’d all be tiptoeing through the tulips together in a non-religious (and, hence, presumably also a feminist and eco-friendly) utopia of perpetual peace..



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  • GoodWill2

    The sixth chapter of Vox Day’s book, The Irrational Atheist, thoroughly debunks the assertion that the religiously motivated are responsible for most wars.

    Of the 1763 wars (or groups of wars) recorded in human history, only 123 are said to be “religious wars”, representing just 6.92% of all wars. Over half of these 123 religiously inspired conflicts were engaged in by Muslims, leaving just 3.35% of all wars to every other people of faith.

    93.08% of all wars have been engaged in by the non-religious or were not motivated by matters of religion. Look it up!


    • DanielPeterson

      Sounds like an interesting book.

      So many good books! So little time!