“Church hopes to expand reach of Joseph Smith movie on Hulu”


Joseph Smith and a child
Not a real photograph, but authentic to the man


Perhaps you’re sitting in a heavily-Mormon neighborhood in Utah.  Perhaps there’s some other reason, but you just don’t have any good ideas for furthering the missionary calling of the Church.


Here’s a way that you might be able to help:





  • Mister_Prizza

    “We hope members will make the movie part of their personal and family worship….”

    This bit bothers me a tad. What’s your take on it, Dr. Peterson?

    • kiwi57

      Dan of course can speak for himself, but I guess it comes down to what we expect people to do if they take that on board:

      1) Worship the movie?
      2) Worship Joseph Smith through the movie? or
      3) Increase our thankfulness to God for the Restoration of the Gospel in these latter days.

      I don’t expect too many votes for 1 or 2.

    • DanielPeterson

      Possibly a poor choice of words. But I know no Latter-day Saints who worship Joseph Smith, nor any that seem seriously tempted to do so.