“”How a Mormon Mission Prepared Me to Open a Foreign Office”



The LDS Missionary Training Center in Brazil


Interesting reflections in Forbes on the lasting secular benefits of having served a mission abroad:




This 2009 article from the Economist is also relevant:




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  • Brock Lesnar

    Great article!

    My mission to Japan, my subsequent double major in Asian Studies and Japanese, and my internship in Tokyo, all helped shape my world view, perspective and helped make me who I am today.

    For that, I’m tremendously grateful for my mission. I’m definitely a better person, better father and better LDS because of the opportunity to serve.

    As an aside, I’m taking my wife and kids back in February. I have an old companion who started a now, very successful English school shortly after our missions. He originally wanted me to go over and start the business with him. I foolishly declined.

    If I’m honest, there are days I wish I would have gone into business with him. It will be good to see and spend time with him.