Intimidation and the Academic Study of Same-Sex “Parents”


Said to be a recent photograph of Professor Mark Regnerus


“He’s never voted for a Republican presidential candidate.”


You might imagine that so pathetic (but obviously noble and correct) an assurance would have spared Dr. Mark Regnerus, a previously respectable sociologist at the University of Texas, some of the personal and professional attacks that one of his relatively recent academic articles has brought down upon his head.


You would be wrong.


The late art critic Clement Greenberg once famously described intellectuals as “a herd of independent minds.”  But he probably underestimated the pressures in certain disciplines to avoid crimethink, which, as any reader of George Orwell’s 1984 knows, is doubleplusungood.  Or perhaps those pressures have grown worse since Greenberg’s day.


Here is a summary of his vile and wicked article by Professor Regnerus (LHA)* himself:


Here is an article from mid-2012, fittingly entitled “Revenge of the Sociologists,” about the fierce and immediate reaction among many bien pensant academics to the “professor’s” contemptible article:


And here, finally, is a piece in which Dr. Regnerus (LHA) attempts to defend his indefensible research:


Question:  Would ruining Dr. Regnerus’s (LHA) career be enough to deter future thoughtcrime on his part or on the part of other potential dissenters?  Should civil or even criminal penalties be invoked?  (Unfortunately, Mr. Orwell’s joycamps don’t yet exist outside of the novel.)



“LHA”:  In Arabic, certain epithets are typically appended to particular terms:  Thus, for example, “God” or “Allah” is almost always followed by ta‘alla (“Exalted be He”) or some variant of that, and “Muhammad” is followed by sala Allah alayhi wa salam  (“blessings and peace be upon him,” or even, in English, “BPUH”).  Names of revered saintly figures such as Imam ‘Ali typically have radi‘a Allahu ‘anhu (“May God be pleased with him”) attached to them.  My favorite epithet, though, is the comparatively rare la‘anahu Allah (“May God curse him”), which follows such names as that of Ibn Muljam, who assassinated Imam ‘Ali.  I represent it here by “LHA.”



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