“Iran is claiming victory and I think probably rightly so”


“Marg! Marg b-Amrika!” “Death to America!”
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George Will’s view of the current state of things:




I’m not quite sure why the American electorate imagined that a community organizer with virtually no experience would be up to the job.  But it is what it is.



  • jafnhar

    Pointing out who’s boasting is not the same as pointing out the “winner”. In any situation in which a president – any president – makes it possible for the american people to stay at home and mind their own business, that’s a win. Let the others boast as much as they like.

    • DanielPeterson

      Spoken like a true isolationist.

      • jafnhar


  • Brock Lesnar

    Dan, interesting article.

    When it comes to the foreign policy debacle, known as Iran, there is plenty of blame to go around. Republican administrations and Democratic administrations have all screwed up. I remember Ronald Reagan and the Iran-Contra affair, and don’t get me started about the Bushes and Iran.

    Dan, I know you are way too smart to get caught up in partisan politics. The us versus them mentality is harmful, destructive and frankly, stupid.

    I wish we could all move past it.