Liberal obsession with race


Just fine, as long as they vote correctly.


Racism is only a problem with conservatives, right?



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  • Lucy Mcgee

    I despise racism in all its forms regardless of where it originates. Racism is an easy sale made by those who are looking for a reason to divide society based on genetically expressed human features. These people, who claim to speak for all of us, as they occupy the cable channels, offer their particular brand of “truth”. But what is that exactly? I’d like to offer a variant viewpoint, quoted from several authors.

    In The Ends of the Earth, Robert D. Kaplan explores what he calls
    “the coming anarchy”–a collision course of population growth, tribal
    disputes, disease, crime, and environmental degradation in the
    developing world.

    Kaplan does his reporting the old-fashioned way, hopscotching
    across West Africa, the Middle East, and Asia with a notebook. He finds
    that cultural animus has supplanted national identity in many countries
    whose people–cut loose by the end of lucrative Cold War alliances–find
    themselves living hand-to-mouth.

    The desperation is often palpable. Riding in a taxi in Abidjan,
    Ivory Coast, Kaplan finds his view suddenly blocked by a dozen hands on
    the windows as the car pulls up to a bus station. Young men “yanked
    open the door and demanded money for carrying my luggage a few feet to
    the bus, even though I had only a light rucksack. I was to find youths
    like these throughout urban West Africa: out of school, unemployed,
    loose molecules in an unstable social fluid that threatened to ignite,”
    he writes.

    Yet amid garbage and buzzing flies in Conakry, Guinea, Kaplan sees hope.
    He locks eyes with “a miraculously healthy-looking teenager” standing
    near a zinc-roofed shack. “To thrive in this miasma, merely to survive,
    indicated a vitality that I would never be able to muster,” he says. “I
    smiled back at what I knew to be my genetic superior.”

    One can learn much from the experiences of others.

    • Loran

      Lucy, do you support multiculturalism, in theory and practice (“diversity”)?

  • jafnhar

    Oddly enough, for a Michelle Malkin column, she didn’t blame liberals as a whole, as your title implies. In fact, the only time the word “liberal” shows up in the article, it’s modified by “black”. Which makes sense: I wouldn’t and I don’t know any liberals who would give someone trouble for being in a mixed-race relationship (in so far as far as I know them as people). That’s because the issue isn’t liberals or even exclusively black liberals. It’s black nationalism. Now, I would describe myself as an American nationalist (that type of nationalism is the foundation of my liberalism) but nationalism has to be handled carefully.

    In any case, let’s not be mystified by the existence of black nationalism. It’s not a rational response to American history – at least not as a way forward – but from a social perspective, it’s understandable.

    Maybe the bigger liberal coalition could be blamed for tolerating black nationalist thought in its midst. But I think you should know better than to try to pin that sort of thinking on all liberals or contemporary liberalism as a movement.

    • DanielPeterson

      My title doesn’t actually “blame liberals as a whole.” You inferred that, but it’s not in my title.

      • jafnhar

        The implication of the title is that liberals are obsessed by race. I think that’s true but only insofar as America is obsessed by race. That is, race is a thing in the U.S. my apologies if i inferred more than you intended to say.

        • DanielPeterson

          Apology accepted.