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The Interpreter Foundation doesn’t actually have an office, nor indeed any brick and mortar at all. But it’s busy, nonetheless.
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I’ve fallen a bit behind on calling attention to new items on the blog of The Interpreter Foundation.  So here’s the latest blog entry, from Stephen Smoot:




Interpreter: A Journal of Mormon Scripture publishes its new articles on Fridays, typically one per week.  It has been doing this regularly, without fail, since 3 August 2012.  As of yesterday, that represents seventy-six (76) consecutive weeks.


The Interpreter Foundation, however, has long since branched out beyond the journal.


For example, the Foundation has posted well over fifty recorded scripture roundtables, a special video roundtable on early Mormon plural marriage, and, separately, a number of helpful background pieces for Gospel Doctrine lessons.  It sponsored a significant conference on science and Mormonism in early November of last year, the proceedings of which are currently being prepared for publication.  (At least two other conferences are in the works.)  Its first book is already available for pre-ordering.  And it maintains a blog.  (Blog entries can be posted — and have been posted — at absolutely any time, not merely on Fridays.)


I’ve come across some complaints recently that there was nothing in two links that I recently supplied here that would let people know that those links concerned Interpreter’s blog (which at least a few profess to be unable to distinguish from the rest of Interpreter) as opposed to the Foundation’s journal.


There is, frankly, some basis for this complaint.  Stemming from its early days, when The Interpreter Foundation’s only product was its journal, the Foundation’s website continues to be titled, overall, Interpreter: A Journal of Mormon Scripture.  That fact creates a certain genuine ambiguity for a casual reader.  One critic, having noticed the ambiguity, professes (rather cheekily) to be awaiting a check from The Interpreter Foundation for his services as a “consultant.”  I would be perfectly happy, of course, to pay him the same amount that we pay to our authors and editors, our peer reviewers, our legal advisors, our bookkeeper, and our accountant — which is, precisely, nothing.  But alas, this particular critic isn’t even the first person to suggest a redesign of the website in order to bring it into line with Intepreter’s now-more-richly-complex offerings.  I myself brought the matter up several months ago in a Foundation board meeting (I have the minutes to prove it), and  a redesign was authorized.  However, in an overwhelmingly volunteer operation such as Interpreter, things get done when people have the opportunity to do them — and our website designer has only just finished building and moving into a new home.  He’s been busy.


In the meantime, my introducing the one link by saying “I’ve fallen behind on my determination to announce entries on the blog of The Interpreter Foundation. Here’s a new one” should have provided a clue.  And the other link wasn’t, I think, impossibly obscure:


“This is the blog of Interpreter. It is separate and distinct from the academic journal that is peer-reviewed and professionally edited for publication. The blog is multi-authored and focused more on current thoughts, news, links, blogs, and web pages.”


A careful reader might have been able to figure out, from those sentences, that they were about a blog.


Anyway, The Interpreter Foundation offers an astonishing and constantly growing number of interesting and useful materials.  I hope that you’ll take some time to look around the site, and that you’ll return often.  It’s continually changing.


Posted from St. George, Utah



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