Raglan Road, Orlando


Dancers outside the main entrance to Raglan Road
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With four friends, my wife and I met up with our son and his Havana-born wife at one of their favorite places, Raglan Road.  It’s at least our third time there.  Via DNA testing, our daughter-in-law just discovered, to her astonishment, that she’s minority but substantially Irish, which must surely explain her long-standing enthusiasm for an Irish pub:  Plainly, it’s the call of the Old Country.


Raglan Road is a fun place, with excellent food, good Irish dancers, great Celtic musicians.  (All too easy to overdo, even without any Guinness.)  Being there makes me regret, just a bit, that I’m not even slightly Irish.  “Not a single drop of Irish blood?” somebody asked me tonight.  “Nope,” I responded.  “I’m British and Scandinavian, with nary a drop of Irish blood.”  “Except,” my son aptly interjected, “on the blades of our swords!”


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