“The Bible of Lehi, Paul, and Jesus”



The Hebrew Bible or Old Testament


What better way to begin the New Year than by reading my Thursday Deseret News column?  (It appeared online really early this week — on Tuesday afternoon — probably because the staff were eager to get on with their holiday celebrations.)





  • kiwi57

    Good article. Incidentally, I’ve used the same argument about the misuse of that passage by Protestant apologists. It’s remarkable that they just don’t get it. Some fairly high profile people have made that same error.

    I see there are no comments yet. Perhaps the usual suspects are taking time off berating you to enjoy the holiday season with their families. If so, this is a good thing.

    However, if they do come back to comment, I expect someone called “Sharrona” will try to tell you that you’re attacking the Bible, and “A scientist” will demonstrate the inadequacy of scientific learning by dismissing the whole Bible with glib and wildly inaccurate generalisations about Bronze Age tribesmen.

  • RaymondSwenson

    A great reminder that the New Testament did not drop entire out of a FedEx package from heaven, but was written over time by specific prophets and apostles, just like the Old Testament. Nothing in the words of the Bible says that God will never again speak through prophets and apostles. To the contrary, the entire history of the Old and New Testaments demonstrates how God communicates with mankind. Those who reject God’s living prophets are clearly condemned by the Bible. And the Bible itself promises that there will be great events leading up to the return of the Messiah to reign personally upon the earth, including the appearance of prophets in Jerusalem, etc. Surely before condemning the wicked, God will follow the merciful course he has followed through recorded history of sending real prophets before him, calling people to repent and prepare to accept God. And that is what God has done by calling Joseph Smith (D&C 1).