BYU and the “Culture Wars”


An aerial view of Brigham Young University’s campus in Provo, Utah


I understand that, at least to this point, those interested in Professor Ralph Hancock’s recent article in the wonderful monthly magazine First Things cannot access it unless they’re subscribers.  And the printed version (in the March issue) hasn’t yet appeared.


Here, with Professor Hancock’s kind permission, is the penultimate paragraph of his article.  It gives some sense of the article’s general thesis:


BYU’s distinctive mission has already been seriously compromised by indulging the illusion that we can accept without reservation the understanding of humanity that is implicit in the academic mainstream. A cultivation of alternative intellectual frameworks open to our essential religious commitments is urgently needed if the currents of contemporary intellectual culture are not to carry the university irreversibly away from distinctive religious moorings. Leadership as courageous and perseverant as it is wise will be required over the next generation to meet the challenge of the secularization of the academic world. We may not want the culture wars, but they want us. To pretend to neutrality in today’s moral and intellectual environment is in effect to endorse the ascendant secular and reductionist orthodoxy. 


I very much share Dr. Hancock’s concerns.


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