Glorifying God with Mozart, Vivaldi, and Robertson


Antonio Vivaldi


Driving alone, just now, from Bountiful, Utah, to Orem, I was pleased to turn KBYU-FM on to a performance of Mozart’s beautiful Ave Verum Corpus.


That was followed, to my delight, with Antonio Vivaldi’s Gloria.  Soon, I had the volume up full bore, and I was belting out not only the bass part but, when the basses weren’t singing, some of the instrumental portions.  It got rough at a few places, but, on the whole, I still remember it well.


Then came the LDS composer Leroy Robertson’s wonderful setting of the Lord’s Prayer.  I joined on that one, too.  Probably to the entertainment of others on the road.


The late Christopher Hitchens liked to say that “religion poisons everything.”


In my judgment, he couldn’t have been more wrong.


Religion surely didn’t poison classical music.



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