Michele Bachmann: The Bible was written in English!


Conservatives, you see, are either ignorant jingoists or rapacious and unethical. Leaving, you know, the other side as the party of truth and virtue. Pretty simple, no?


I’m not an especially ardent fan of Michele Bachmann.


But I’ve just this morning run across a fraudulent claim designed to make her look ridiculous, and I feel that I need to use whatever public influence I have to kill it off:




I respond to it both because I think the charge is a flagrant and rather despicable injustice to her, but also because I’m tired of the constant, smug, baseless sneer from  more than a few on the Left that conservatives are morons.  One would think that, if such folks really believed that their complacent accusation had merit, they could do without forging evidence to support and illustrate it.



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