Racial Politics in the United States: A Sampling, Which I Hope Isn’t Representative


United States Senator Tim Scott (R-SC)


Wow.  There is so very much wrong that is on display in this clip:




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How long must we wait?
  • Sharee

    I clicked on your link and got “Page not found.”

    • Brock Lesnar

      Me too. I’m sure those dang Democrats had something to do with it though!

      • Sharee

        It works if you cut and paste the URL instead of just clicking on it.

    • DanielPeterson

      That is puzzling. It works just fine for me.

  • joe e.

    worked for me also?

    the 2010 election cycle saw R’s take control of the NC house & senate, 1st time since the 1800s….then a R won the Governorship in 2012 and other state level positions by R’s.


    with that occurring, the state of NC has become a bullseye for Dem. propagandists leading the charge to return NC to it’s historically Democratic leadership(s) of it’s legislature.

    they have sued NC over it’s change in Voting Laws, with the head of the NC Naacp leading that charge here inside the state.


    brings back memories of the “soreloserman” tactics of 2000?

    Adding that to President Obama also losing NC in 2012, 50.6% vs. 48.4%, after slightly edging McCain in ’08, 49.9% vs. 49.5%……the loss of the Democratic strangle hold on the NC legislature must have thrown a strong signal to the Dem’s that a “change” indeed was ushered into North Carolina politics with the historic elections of 2008???