The British court case: An officer of FairMormon (formerly known as FAIR) responds



Are you now, or have you ever been, a practicing Mormon?


Steve Densley publishes some calm, legally informed reflections on the British court case recently filed against President Thomas S. Monson for the crime of teaching Mormonism:


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  • kiwi57

    Alas, those calm, legally informed reflections aren’t encouraging enough of the whoops and howls of delighted schadenfreude coming from certain quarters.

    Brother Densley isn’t “validating the feelings” of those who fancy themselves “victims.” How uncharitable of him!

  • Alex Barclay

    “It should also be noted that if Phillips does not prevail
    against the Church, he will be required to pay the legal fees incurred by the
    Church in defending against this claim.” Mr Phillips should carefully consider whether or
    not he might be digging a massive financial hole for himself.

    But one thing is quite certain. If Mr Phillips loses, he
    will portray himself as a victim – claiming that the church is being spiteful
    and vindictive in requiring him to pay their defence costs.

    However if the church does not require him to pay their defence
    costs, then that will be taken an open invitation for others of Phillip’s ilk
    to bring similar vexatious actions at no cost to themselves.

  • Ben Davies

    I would comment but it would just get deleted for not matching up with the authors own world view like they do on fairmormon. Question: How is that even fair?

    • DanielPeterson

      BD: “I would comment but it would just get deleted for not matching up with the authors own world view”

      If it’s not obscene and not a gratuitous personal attack, it almost certainly wouldn’t be deleted.

      BD: “like they do on fairmormon”

      They do?

      Who is “they” And where, exactly, do they do this?

      BD; “Question: How is that even fair?”

      What isn’t even remotely fair is condemning me for having done something that you yourself acknowledge I haven’t done.

      It would be rather like saying that, if Ben Davies saw me, he would stab me to death — and then demanding that you do jail time for my murder.

      Not only unfair. Weird.

    • kiwi57

      That’s right. There are no undeleted comments here by Lucy Mcgee or Joseph Peterson or “The Oracle” or grumpytrucker or anyone else who doesn’t exactly share Dan’s “own world view.” Sic et Non is a hive mind. You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.