Two political cartoons by Michael Ramirez


He’s awfully good.


Blaming George W. Bush may someday begin to lose its persuasive power.


Governing by executive order?



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  • ahermit

    That second one deserves comment as a good example of hysterical right wing propaganda. You have to go back to Andrew Jackson to find a two term US president who has issued fewer executive orders than Obama…

    • DanielPeterson

      You’re not paying attention to the actual argument, which isn’t merely about the sheer number.

      It saves you time, I suppose.

      • ahermit

        There is no ‘actual” argument there. It’s just another paranoid right wing fantasy.

        • DanielPeterson

          When contradicted, simply keep repeating your original assertion.

          Another proven time-saver.

          • ahermit

            Simple contradiction is not an argument. My original point still stands.

          • DanielPeterson

            Simple assertion isn’t an argument, either.

            Your original point never stood.

          • ahermit

            It’s a fact though; Obama has used the executive order far less than his predecessors. If your complaint is about something other than the number of such orders maybe you should make the case regarding which of those orders is such an offence against the constitution, as the cartoon seems to be implying. Here’s a list…

            Is it the one “ensuring lawful interrogations” that offends you? Or one of the orders blocking the property of tyrants in Libya and Syria? Blocking transactions with North Korea? Which is it that has the Tea Party types clutching their pearls?

          • DanielPeterson

            Feel free to do your own reading. There’s hardly a lack of commentary on this issue.

          • ahermit

            I guess dodging questions is another proven time saver…

          • utex

            I am curious. How about selectively ignoring certain provisions of laws, including your own healthcare law? Did Bush do this too? I am concerned that the precedent that President Obama is setting will be followed by the Republicans when they are in power. This seems like a very slippery slope.

          • ahermit

            Bush ignored laws against torture. Reagan ignored the laws against dealing with tyrannical regimes in Iraq and Iran. If you’re concerned about precedents you’re a bit late…

          • DanielPeterson

            Casually making baseless assertions and then laying down cover for the emptiness of your claims with demands that the other guy answer a flurry of questions is a helpful technique, perhaps. If the other guy doesn’t see what you’re doing.

            Please stop cluttering my blog up with vacuous posts. Or have them deleted. Your choice.

          • ahermit

            What baseless assertion did I make? I pointed out the fact that Obama has used executive orders far less than most of his predecessors. And I haven’t asked a “flurry” of questions unless you define one as a flurry…

            But go ahead and delete the uncomfortable question if you want. It’s your blog.

          • DanielPeterson

            Don’t play innocent, ahermit. Your first comment here was a baseless assertion. You couldn’t (or didn’t) even state the conservative complaint accurately.

            And I never said that I would delete The Uncomfortable Question (as you inaccurately but self-aggrandizingly label it). What I will do is prevent you from cluttering up my blog with staccato-like repetitious and empty posting.

            You’ve expressed your viewpoint. Now give it a rest. Don’t be an irritant. Don’t be a pest.

          • ahermit

            I responded to the cartoon you posted which was a comment on the use of executive orders with a factual statement about the use of executive orders. If the conservative complaint isn’t accurately stated that’s because you have failed to state it clearly. If the complaint isn’t about the number of executive orders issued than what exactly is the complaint? Telling me that there’s some commentary somewhere else isn’t much of an answer. Are you incapable of articulating the complaint yourself?

  • GarryMoss

    It’s interesting that they blame Bush, but they fail to mention that it was Bush and the Republicans who saw the problems with Fannie/Freddie and tried to reign them in as early as 2001, but it was the Democrats who blocked those efforts, especially Schumer, Frank and their minions.