Nasruddin on the radio


“Goha’s Dream”



If you’re at all interested in learning about the legendary and often very funny Islamic character Nasruddin (or Nasr al-Din, or Goha), tune in here:


The acrylic of “Goha’s Dream” above was done for us by a friend and hangs in one of the bedrooms of our house.  More information, including the story behind the image, can be found here.



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  • Ray Agostini

    Interesting interview, Dan (which brought for me a new meaning to the term “village idiot”). I was introduced to the ubiquitous wit and wisdom of Mulla Nasruddin in 1974, in some posh Sydney suburb, where as a “rookie in Oz” I probably could well have passed as the simplistic village idiot.

    It’s nearly impossible to have a favourite Nasruddin quote, but one of my favourites (naturally with a subtle lesson attached):

    A friend asked Mullah Nasruddin how old he was. “Forty”, replied the
    Mullah. The friend said, “but you said the same thing two years ago!”. “Yes”,
    replied the Mullah, “I always stand by what I have said”.