Old Mother Russia Flexes Her Muscles



Vladimir Putin,
former president and prime minister and current president of Russia


This story probably isn’t being reported much in the West, but it’s potentially very significant.


And, if Mr. Putin’s noble attempt to help ethnic Russians out in the Crimea is both successful and relatively painless, you can be certain that other ethnic Russian enclaves will soon be discovered to be in similar distress.  In the Baltic states, for example.


On an unrelated note (I don’t suspect Russian involvement here):  The disappearance of that Malaysian Airlines jetliner strikes me as potentially very, very sinister.  Will we soon receive ransom demands for nearly three hundred passengers and crew?  Will the airplane be weaponized in some genuinely dreadful fashion?  If, as seems increasingly likely, this was a deliberate and remarkably sophisticated hijacking, it must have been done as a means to some major goal, as yet wholly unknown — and that makes me exceptionally nervous.



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