The “binding” of Isaac


Caravaggio, “The Sacrifice of Isaac”


Today was one of the rare times during the past decade or  more — there’ve been a few, but not many — that I’ve been in my home ward’s adult Sunday School class  without teaching it.  So I was able to hear my fellow Gospel Doctrine teacher, for a change.  He’s a talented teacher — a former mission president, and near retirement from teaching at the LDS Institute of Religion adjacent to Utah Valley University.


He showed a short (thirteen minute) LDS film about the akedah, Abraham’s “binding” or near-sacrifice of Isaac, that I hadn’t seen before.  My wife, who has a degree in theater, thought it was a bit too understated, but I found it more affecting than I had expected.  Here’s a link to it.  If you haven’t seen it before — or even if you have — it’s worth a watch:



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