“Interpreter” 8 is now available in paperback and e-book formats!


Is this us?


I noticed a critic’s dismissal of The Interpreter Foundation, a few days ago, as merely a “hobbyist blog.”


Well, I’m pleased to announce that we hobbyist bloggers have now published our first book (books being a typical hobbyist-blogger product), and that other books (including one on temples and another containing the presentations from our science conference last November) are in the works.  In the meantime, if things went according to plan tonight, our sixty-eighth scripture roundtable was recorded a couple of hours ago.  In addition, the ninth volume of Interpreter: A Journal of Mormon Scripture  is nearing completion, and the journal’s eighth volume is now available for ordering in paperback and e-book formats.


Maybe we should become more serious.  Perhaps we should go beyond simply playing around with our hobby.  Maybe, for instance, we could do something more than a mere blog.


It’s a thought.



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