A new LDS commentary on the Revelation of John


“Behold, I make all things new.”
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Last night, I called attention to S. Kent Brown’s new LDS commentary on the gospel of Luke, which is part of the BYU New Testament Commentary project.


Already out is a commentary on the Revelation of John, written by Richard Draper and Michael Rhodes:




Both of these commentaries are available as ebooks from Deseret Book.


Some have asked when and whether they will be available in hard copy.  I’ve asked the overall editor of the project, and now I share his answer:  There has been hope to put them into print form as well, but, thus far, no publisher has been  found who has been willing to assume the task.  It’s a huge project, and, realistically, it promises little if any commercial return on investment.  In business terms, it looks like a big risk with, at best, a low probability of a meager reward.  I suspect that that has daunted potential publishers.  Alas.


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