“We develop character in the stream of life.”


One of the monasteries at Wadi Natrun, out in the Western Deseret of Egypt


Sometimes we become upset at all the setbacks, obstacles, and distractions that keep us from living our lives.  At least, I often do — and I’ve been singularly blessed, on the whole, with relatively few of them thus far, and with a saintly wife who takes very competent care of most of those that somehow still arise.


But it seems that those “setbacks,” “obstacles,” and “distractions” are, from the perspective of eternity, essential parts of the mortal experience, and that we’re to learn from them.  That we couldn’t learn what we need to learn without them:




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Jenkins, Hamblin, and "Great Expectations"
We're doomed.
"God's Warning to America"
New Testament 196