An Interpreter App?


the Interpreter control board

A scene at interpreter Foundation headquarters


Two or three days ago, my friend Jabra Ghneim asked me, on Facebook, when The Interpreter Foundation would have an app.


I passed the question on to Bryce Haymond, our indispensable guru on all such matters.  Here is his response, to which, when he saw it, Jabra Ghneim responded that it was wonderful news that ought to be more widely known:


We do have an Android app, already.  It has been available for some time.  It was made by FairMormon over a year ago.  It’s not great, but it works.  Users can find it here on the Google Play store to download to any Android device (phone or tablet):
As for an iPhone/iPad app, we don’t have one.  That is a bit more difficult.  A few months ago I started investigating different development platforms and ways we could make a simple app for Interpreter (similar to the Android app).  I’ve found some options, just need to find the time to put some things together now. . . .
We do have our podcast available in iTunes, where iPhone/iPad users can download our audio podcast, or even subscribe to our PDF or EPUB format podcasts through iTunes:
Our podcast is also available through the Stitcher Radio app on iPhone/iPad, Android, and desktop:


Just so you know . . .


Posted from the 2014 FairMormon conference.

where Russell Stevenson is just a few minutes into his presentation



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