Can you sense any inconsistency here?


Steinem, Gloria

Begins with an “h,” ends with an “e,” and, in between, includes the letters “ypocrit.”


The very vocal feminist Gloria Steinem — now, astonishingly (to a geezer like me, anyway), eighty years old — spoke to a mostly Muslim university audience in Cairo roughly thirty-five years ago, and I was there.


She denounced patriarchal oppression in religions, and, with remarkable courage (given her location), singled out Catholicism, Judaism, and Mormonism for particular condemnation.


I spoke with her at a reception immediately afterwards, and she told me that the Mormons were losing tens of thousands of women every month over gender issues.  I replied that I doubted her figures very much, but she insisted that she was correct.  She took my address and promised to send me documentation.


She never sent me anything, even though I wrote to her two or three times thereafter, reminding her of her pledge.


For the record:  I’m not an uncritical fan of hers.



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