I’m just about on!


Me as demagogue

A photo from my 2013 FairMormon presentation


I’m listening, right now, to the very impressive Hannah Smith, who is addressing the FairMormon audience on the topic of “Religious Liberty: What Latter-day Saints Need to Know to Preserve Our First Freedom.”


But I’m also desperately trying to cram more insults and personal attacks — more defamation, more sheer mean-spirited nastiness — into my own remarks.  When Hannah Smith is finished in just a few minutes, it will be my turn.  My talk is entitled “Some Reflections on That Letter to a CES Director,” and I don’t want to disappoint my critics.


I’ve seen several experts over the past week or so confidently inform their readers online that my hit job (what I dishonestly call my “talk”) – which I essentially finished writing just last night — will bear a hostile tone, that it will focus on ad hominem attacks against critics and those whom I deem to be my “enemies,” that, rather than responding to actual data, history, and facts, it will be dedicated to character assassination and  to blackening the reputation of the author of the “Letter to a CES Director.”  In fact, while speaking, I’ll be wearing my black “assassin hat.”


I’m crazy, of course, and almost certainly on anti-depressant medications.  But I’m lavishly paid for my lies, and the audience are all brain-dead robots anyhow.



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