“The Comedy of Errors”


Im Adams-Theater

In the Adams Shakespeare Theater
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We’ve just returned from a crowd-pleasing slapstick Comedy of Errors set in the Old Wild West.


Yet another excellent production.


Still, there were a few empty seats.


The executive director of the Utah Shakespeare Festival told me, this afternoon, that overall ticket sales for the Festival are slightly down this year.


This ought not to be.  The Festival is one of the finest cultural institutions in Utah and among the best in the United States, and also among the most richly entertaining.


The oldest building in the Festival complex, I trow.

The Festival box office is located in this building.
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I’m going to make it really easy for you.  You can buy tickets at the box office in Cedar City (in the building shown immediately above), or you can purchase them online here.


I meet people all the time who tell me that they’ve been wanting to attend the Shakespeare Festival for a long time, but simply haven’t gotten around to going.


Come on.  Just do it.


Posted from Cedar City, Utah



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