On Pamela Geller, Garland, and the Gunmen


A Texas mosque
There are many Muslims in Texas.  Good citizens, most of them, as well as devout believers in Islam.  This is a mosque belonging to the Islamic Association of North Texas.


Since some have asked, I’ll answer here:


I think that Pamela Geller and her associates had every right to put on that Muhammad-cartoon-drawing event in Garland, Texas.


I also think that it was foolish and irresponsible to do so, and that organizing events designed to mock the faith of others is contemptible.


It’s rather like, say, putting a crucifix in a beaker of urine in order to make a “statement.”


Yet I understand and sympathize with the defiant spirit of the Garland event.  We need to assert our freedom.


On the other hand, I would not have participated in it, and I would have condemned it and I do condemn it.  It was a profoundly un-Christian thing to do.  (Pamela Geller, of course, isn’t Christian, but I’m betting that many of those in attendance professed to be.)


Still, I also condemn those who, in the wake of the attack on the event by two armed Islamists, have vented their anger largely on the event’s organizers.  The two gunmen — who were killed before they could murder anybody (and despite their body armor and assault weapons) by a part-time security guard armed with a pistol — deserve anger and condemnation far more than the people they hoped to slaughter.


Even though I disapprove of those people.


Have I made my ambivalence clear enough?


Here’s a piece by David French, responding to Garland and its aftermath:





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