“Utah resolution tells world: We favor civil liberties for all Americans”


The Capitol's "Gold Room"
The signing was held in the Gold Room of the Utah State Capitol in Salt Lake City.
(Wikimedia Commons public domain image)


I was set to be in attendance for the Governor’s signing of this joint resolution of the Utah State Legislature on Monday morning until a last minute family problem arose that prevented my going.  But I’m very pleased by the resolution and want people to be aware of it:




Congratulations to Senator Brian Shiozawa (R-Cottonwood Heights) and Representative Patricia Arent (D-Millcreek), the co-sponsors of SCR 6 (“Guarding the Civil Liberties and Freedoms For All American People”); to both houses of the State Legislature, which passed it unanimously; and to the Governor for signing.


I realize that it’s merely symbolic.  But the symbolism is deeply important, as the reaffirmation of traditional American principles.


Posted from Park City, Utah



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