Some Alternatives to Christian Ethics


Concord Plaza
I’m writing just a couple of blocks from the Place de la Concorde, which is seen here from the Eiffel Tower. (Wikimedia CC photo) The modern name is an attempt to overcome the plaza’s former history. It’s the place where, among many others, King Louis XVI, Queen Marie Antoinette, Princess Élisabeth of France, Charlotte Corday, Madame du Barry, Georges Danton, Camille Desmoulins, the great scientist Antoine Lavoisier, Maximilien Robespierre, and Louis de Saint-Just were executed by guillotine, often in front of wildly cheering crowds, during the French Revolution.


Since I began writing my column for the Deseret News back in 2011, each column has been between 736 and 739 words long.  This one is no exception:


But it seems to have hit a nerve among at least a few atheists and agnostics and fellow travelers.


I didn’t deal with this, they say.  And what about that?


Patience, friends!  I supply the nuances and flesh out the details in separate columns.  (Sometimes even, implicitly, in the biweekly columns that I do on Saturdays with Bill Hamblin.)  It’s a cumulative case.  And I’ll return to this and other issues.  Have already done so, in fact.


I do like the commenter, though, who triumphantly points out to me that Desmond Tutu and Beowulf aren’t contemporaries.  A careful reading of the column will demonstrate that the thought that they’re 1300 years apart had never so much as entered my mind.  Nor had I realized that the Beowulf poem is likely fiction.  And I certainly wish that I had called the column “Some alternatives to Christian ethics” instead of “An exhaustive examination of all of the alternatives to Christian ethics,” since, as one astute writer points out, I don’t deal with Buddhism, Hinduism, and other world faiths, and since I use only a few examples (whereas I should have meticulously discussed dozens of them).


Where would I be without such acute critiques?


Posted from Paris, France



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