Cruising on the River Nile


Edfu inner courtyard
In the main inner courtyard of the Temple of Horus at Edfu
(Wikimedia Commons public domain)


We sailed early this morning from Aswan, stopping first at Kom Ombo, where we walked directly from the quay into the double temple there of Sobek and Horus.  Then, a short cruise took us to Edfu, where we rode to the remarkably well preserved temple of Horus at Edfu.


Back onboard our boat, the Amwaj Livingstone, the group gathered for a few Egypt- and Islam-oriented comments from me (and some Q&A).  We then went, in small groups, up onto the boat’s bridge, where, for a while, we had a captain’s eye view of the river.  Before dinner but after dark, we went up onto the sun deck to watch the process of descending with the river through the locks at Esna.


A relaxing day, although exceptionally hot on land.  Cruising the Nile is extraordinarily pleasant.


Posted from somewhere south of Esna, Egypt



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