“Kalam Infinity Arguments and the Infinite Past”


A view of Montserrat with clouds
Montserrat, near Barcelona (Wikimedia Commons)


Many, though not all, criticisms of Mormonism and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are fairly shallow and rather obviously flawed.


The so-called “kalam infinity argument” is not one of those.  Drawn from the works of medieval Islamic philosophical theologians — hence the Arabic word kalam, which literally means “speech” but, in this context, refers to a kind of dialectical theology that flourished in Islamic circles from at least the 800s AD — it’s a serious piece of thinking.


Blake Ostler responds to an attempt by the evangelical philosophers Paul Copan and William Lane Craig — both of whom I’ve met and for both of whom I have considerable respect — to apply the kalam infinity argument to Mormonism:




Posted from Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain



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