“LGBT Group Threatens Johns Hopkins over Study on Homosexuality, Transgender”


In the Punchbowl
I’m sentimental enough to be deeply moved by places like the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific, located in the Punchbowl Crater here in Honolulu. Among other things, those buried here died fighting in a conflict to defend liberty and justice.     (Wikimedia Commons public domain)


As I’ve said, I don’t altogether trust Breitbart News — particularly since it became the quasi-official mouthpiece for the Trumpist alt.right a few years ago after the premature death of its founder, Andrew Breitbart.


But that doesn’t mean that everything published by Breitbart is false.  On this one, although I find it plausible, I just don’t know.


I do, however, know that, in sharing the link below, I’ll disappoint some and anger others.  (What’s new?)  I do it, though, for several reasons.  Among them:  I dislike smothering orthodoxies.  I find the subject somewhat interesting, and I expect that others will, too.  It’s a matter of considerable current controversy.  And I really, really, really dislike efforts to intimidate and silence dissent.


So here goes:




If there really is an attempt to silence Drs. McHugh and Mayer, decent people of all stripes (including, even, those who passionately disagree with them) should rise up to resist it.


Posted from Honolulu, Hawaii



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