Mr. Jeremy Runnells’s transition to non-membership in the Church


Mount Yasur, wherever that is
A volcanic eruption (Wikimedia Commons)


Mr. Jeremy Runnells, a vocal critic of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, is a former member.


Some time ago — a year or two back, I think, or maybe longer (who knows? whenever it happened) — I commented, in passing, on his excommunication.


My understanding, at the time, was that he had been excommunicated.


It seems, though, that he resigned just before he would (almost certainly) have been excommunicated.


If I’m not mistaken, he threatened legal action against me over this issue quite a while ago.  I don’t take well to such threats, and I ignored him.


I reasoned, anyhow, that it was a passing reference in an insignificant blog entry that had already been completely forgotten.


I was right about that, I’m sure.


Except in the case of Mr. Runnells, who is apparently very angry over that inaccuracy in an obscure blog entry.


But let me be clear:  Mr. Runnells resigned from the Church before the Church could excommunicate him.


My passing reference a long time ago wasn’t quite right.



If anybody wonders where this is coming from, feel free (if you’re able) to read the exchange between Mr. Runnells and me that occurred here:


Posted from Honolulu, Hawaii



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