“The World was Never Flat”


The Hawaiian archipelago from outer space
A view of the Hawaiian Islands from space. From the lower right, the major islands are Hawaii (“the Big Island”), Maui, Moloka’i, Oahu, and, somewhat more distantly (just before a large cloud complex), Kauai. Earth’s curvature is plainly visible.    (NASA public domain photograph)


One of the most popular myths about the (also largely mythical) perpetual warfare between Christianity and science is the notion that the medieval Church taught — and insisted that people believe — that the Earth is flat.


Here’s an entertaining little three-minute video on that subject:



If you ever hear this little chestnut trotted out, especially as an illustration of the baneful effects of religion upon science, please contradict it.  Feel free, in fact, to direct victims of this bit of silly misinformation to this video.


Posted from Honolulu, Hawaii

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